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See How They Run is an English comedy in three acts by Philip King. Its title is a line from the The lead character is Penelope Toop, former actress and now wife of the local vicar, the Rev. Lionel Toop. The Toops employ Ida, a Cockney maid. Miss Skillon, a churchgoer of the parish and a scold, arrives on bicycle to gossip. by Philip King Cast Size. 6m, 3f See How They Run received its first American production at Actors' Theatre in Plainfield, New Jersey, on May 11th, See How They Run plot summary, character breakdowns, context and Add an escaped German prisoner of war, a handsome actor, the visiting Philip King.

by Philip King. Full Length Play, Comedy / 6m, 3f. The Rev. Lionel Toop's wife, Penelope, is an ex-actress. Cast Size. 6m, 3f Miss Skillon, a parishioner, sees the couple repeating one of their theatrical scenes and draws the wrong. See How They Run by Philip King There's a full summary of the play at the end of this visual story. mention the running about? . see her. Miss Skillon enters. She speaks to Lionel Toop (the vicar) about various church. See How They Run, written by Philip King and directed by Tyrone for the town's young vicar, Rev. Lionel Toop, drops by unannounced and, really, The vicar's wife, Penelope Toop (Dawn Chapman) is singing off key and off stage. Miss Skillon is taken aback to discover Penelope's uncle is a Bishop (a.

The glory of great farce — and Philip King's “See How They Run” is arguably Cast: Ida - Natalie Grady Miss Skillon - Julie Legrand Reverend. Philip King '40s farce at Barrington Stage, Pittsfield. See How They Run There's also the Vicarage's cockney maid Ida (Dina Thomas) and Miss Skillon ( Michele Cast Lisa McCormick (Penelope Toop), Cary Donaldson (The Rev. of Lax), Jeff Brooks (The Rev. Arthur Humphrey), Andy Nogasky(Sergeant Towers). See How They Run by Philip King is a classic British farce set in wartime Merton- cum-Middlewick. Show, venue, reviews, cast and production details. See How They Run! has 75 ratings and 7 reviews. Grace said: Such an honor to be cast as Miss. Skillon in this outrageous production Popsugar Readi. See How They Run at the Royal Exchange, Manchester by Philip King, which proves that even under threat of bombardment and invasion in which several characters seek to disguise themselves by donning dog collars.

So it is a delight to welcome Philip King's wartime classic back into the West End With a cast this good, it is tempting to run through the card. Look Back In Anger, I couldn't love anyone who didn't relish See How They Run. OPEN AUDITIONS - The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband auditions for The Lindley Players' production of See How They Run - Philip King's classic farce. of about a page which illustrate the character or characters you are looking at. Cast: Tim Pigott-Smith (Bishop of Lax), Nicholas Blane (Humphrey), Nancy Carroll (Penelope Toop), Adrian Fear (Intruder), Jo Stone-Fewings. After experiencing Philip King's comic farce See How the Run, which opens tonight All farces take some time to ramp up, as characters and their once performed together, but are seen by Miss Skillon, a nosy parishioner.

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